Hey everyone!

Thanks for waiting so patiently as I scoped everything out and made a decision about what we’re going to do with the group.

I’m sorry to any potential members, but we’ve decided to half-close. The people who are still in the group can carry on with their plots, but we will no longer be managing activity and doing plots for the entirety of the group. While a handful of you have been active and I really appreciate that, it just hasn’t been the same. And with only a handful of you getting things done during the shuffles and what not, we’ve sort of lost our inspiration to keep coming up with ideas.

We encourage everyone to stick around and interact who wants to! We don’t want to make anyone feel like they’re being forced to stop, which is why we’re only half-closing. Please, please continue carrying on if this is what you want to do. It’s been a great five and a half months of running this, and we’ve accumulated some great players.

And I’m going to say it before someone brings it up or tries to make a big deal out of it— but this has nothing to do with my other group. I was having ideas for that group before this happened. The times just happened to crossover, so I know that it looks that way, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with BID. The staffs are different except for me. This is happening on it’s own accord.

Thank you ♥

posted 9 months ago

We have a few things in the inbox that I didn’t realize were there.

You can thank Tumblr for just now showing me one notification inside of the several there were in there. I’m just going to leave them there for now, because some of them are going to have to wait until we have decided our next step, unfortunately.

I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting. I want to discuss things with Mads before we decide what we’re going to do next, so I’ve just sort of been watching from afar until she returns. It’s why the main is quiet for right now. We may do an overhaul and just remove anyone who hasn’t been around straight away, or we may give you guys a writing challenge that everyone has a deadline to complete or else they’ll be removed. I don’t want to close, but it’s really just going to depend on what we feel is going to be the best route once we finish talking.

Keep plotting and paraing!


posted 10 months ago

hola loves, first and foremost sorry for my spotty activity, secondly i'm just sending in this message to let you know it's going to be spotty for the next week or so. i've really hit a funk and i do want to apologize for this but i'm sure it'll get better <3

Very sorry to hear about that Jordan! I know the feel. Hope you get out of it soon <3

posted 10 months ago

Hey beauties! Bea here. Unfortunately the hotel wifi is only free for like 30mins a day and is ridiculously overprized for like a day session, so I think I'm going to have to be the worst person in the world and ask for a hiatus extension until I'm back home, which is on the 3rd. If anything changes I will make sure to try and get on. xxx

D’aw, okay love! Have fun on your trip c:

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I just wanted to let you guys know that I won't be on much these next few days until at least Mondayish because I just found out that I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow and I have to get everything together tonight but I should be on at least some these next few days. Just giving a heads up :)

Thank you for letting us know, Stormy! Have fun in Florida :D Get a nice tan~

posted 10 months ago

YAY I FINALLY FOUND YOU AGAIN. in the past i auditioned for one of your characters and dint get it and i promised a comeback and now that its summer, im going to live up to that promise! expect an audition soooon

That’s exciting news! We look forward to reading what you’ve got for us c:

posted 10 months ago

Modly note from Zoey~


Hey guys! I just have a little mod note that I want to get out there. It’s more or less something I want to get off my chest, because for the most part, I’ve kept it to myself. Every couple of months, I’ve suddenly gotten very stressed out over this roleplay. It’s been 5 months, so it’s only happened once or twice before today, but it’s starting to become apparent that I need to actually tell other people besides one person. It’s always about the same thing, too.

I know everyone loves this roleplay. You say it all the time, and that’s so great because I love it too. But at the same time, I feel like there needs to be some more initiative as a collective group to keep it going. I’ll say right away that part of this problem is my fault for pushing shuffles as much as I do. Sometimes people become dependent on them. I really only want them for pushing the main plot along. We’ve always encouraged you all to plot with one another and come up with individual plots. A handful of you do that, and through doing that, you come up with great ideas for the whole group and share them with me. Thanks for that! c: I love including your ideas in shuffles and what not. But, shuffles are pretty intense and time consuming. We’re going to be pulling back on them some, and that actually makes me kind of scared with what kind of effect it will have.

The problem with the shuffles is that we don’t always get everything played out. Some shuffle points don’t even get started because of players being gone. I know we’ve had school to battle with, but it’s been an occurring thing since before then. I also feel like the weeks tend to turn into most people waiting for the next shuffle or something.

Activity has also been slipping. People only pop on in short amounts and things don’t get accomplished. Most of the dash is just gif chats and not a whole lot of paras anymore, and we need both to keep things going.

I also sometimes wonder how many people are even checking up on the main anymore. I asked for you guys to just send us in a brief run down of what happened for our previously on, and only a small group of you did this, and i posted about it twice.

I’m in no way giving up on this roleplay, but at the moment, I need to make sure you guys are going to be willing to help push plots on your own and actually get things completed. I love what’s going on here with all of the characters, but after months of hard work on the modly end of things, I need to know that all of you will promise to stay active, to plot, and keep things going in order for me to still want to put 500% into this group.

It’s something we all have to do collectively, so I need you guys to help me make sure this roleplay continues to be great!


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Hi, babies, it's Anny! I apologize for the activity level, I will be better ASAP! I GRADUATE NEXT WEEK YAY! So summer will be here and I will be on soooo much more! Just bear with me for these days, because there's so much happening with graduation, haha, but I will be more active this weekend and next week!<333

Okay, love! Good luck with school, and congrats on your graduation!


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Hi my loves. Okay, so I'm off to camp starting tomorrow but I will return Saturday HUZZAH~ But yeah, that's basically what I came here to say. I will probably check in from mobile in stuff but no computers in the wilderness. :((( OKAY LOVE YOU ALL BYE

Have fun!!!!


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I'm so sorry bbys but my laptop charger has broken again so I've had to order a new one and it won't get here until thursday earliest which means I can't get on my laptop and I've only got my phone. I'm reeeeaally sorry :C

Okay, lovely! D: Thank you for letting us know, and I’m crossing my fingers that it gets here on time.


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