• Eleanor Prewett is the doppelganger of Leighton Meester. She’s twenty two years old, and she’s a untriggered werewolf. Eleanor Prewett is currently taken.


Eleanor Prewett, or more commonly known as Ellie, was sent off to an orphanage shortly after she was born. It wasn’t that her parents were too young, or didn’t have the money to take care of her, but the reason behind it was simply that her mother was scared. She had discovered what her boyfriend was after she had been pregnant for several months. He was never home on full moons, and she hadn’t caught on right away with what was going on. She thought she loved him, and she was blinded by the fact that he was willing to marry her and be around for their child even though they hadn’t been together for very long before they conceived. While he could accept everything about her, she couldn’t once she found out he was a werewolf. She was worried about her child being a werewolf too, and she took off a few weeks before she was scheduled to give birth. He couldn’t find her, and the orphanage had the baby before long. All they were told was that her name was Eleanor. She wasn’t in the orphanage for more than a couple of years before the Prewett family came and adopted her. They loved and cared for her, never knowing about the gene that lay hidden in her DNA. They were even okay with Ellie’s desire to meet her birth parents when she was older. She loved her adoptive parents, but she just wanted to know who her biological parents were and why they gave her up.

Ellie’s parents helped her look into finding them, but it was difficult going through the orphanage. Luckily, her father worked for the hospital, and he was able to look into birth records. He had to keep things confidential, but he could do a search based on her birthday and name. She wasn’t born in the hospital he worked at, but at a hospital about an hour away. Ellie was glad to at least have a name, and she continued to do her digging. After doing some research, she discovered that her mother’s name was Marlene Anderson, and that everyone was quite certain that the person who had gotten her pregnant was Samuel Lockwood. Unfortunately, the phone calls she made after that led her to believe that her biological parents were dead. She heard there were some Lockwoods in Mystic Falls, however, and Ellie wants to at least try and meet the people that may just be her distant family. She hasn’t been in Mystic Falls for very long, but it wasn’t difficult to track down where they live. She’s starting to think death is a common trend in this family, because there’s only one alive Lockwood in Mystic that she thinks she’ll be able to track down — Tyler.


Ellie has been making her way around Mystic Falls, getting to know the locals and such. She found her cousin Tyler, learned about her werewolf heritage, and has been taken under the wing of Hayley Maxwell and Hadley Cross. She’s taken it on herself to help the Scooby Gang wherever she can, offering her services in every which way. She’s even taken a certain liking into Klaus Mikaeson. Though she hasn’t had the best of luck, and keeps getting herself into trouble having been attacked by Clara Stewart, a humanityless!Elena, and the demon Meg. 


Careful → Ellie never jumps into anything. She isn’t the type to be okay with diving into the cold water. She’s the type to dip her toes into it, before slowly easing the rest of her body into the pool. She doesn’t like to be taken by surprise with what’s at the bottom.
Inquisitive → Her inquisitive nature comes in handy with her dislike to be surprised. She questions into things, and she likes to know what’s going on.
Passionate → Ellie throws everything she has into something. She’s very passionate about everything when it comes to the things that she wants or cares about.


Tyler Lockwood → Ellie came to Mystic Falls to find the rest of her family, but she only found Tyler. They’re distantly related, with Ellie’s biological father being cousins to Tyler’s deceased father. He’s the only Lockwood left, and even though she was sort of let down not to find anyone else, she’s still glad to have at least found him.
Hadley Cross → She’s met the younger girl while around town, and Ellie doesn’t know what to make of her. Hadley has taken the initiative to take Ellie under her wing, and become her informant - catching her up to speed about her werewolf heritage.
Cole Danielson → The two of them bumped into each other at the Grill. They don’t know what it is, but they can sense that something is a little off about the other. They both are curious to find out what it is.

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